About gitly

Hi, my name is Alexander Medvednikov. I'm a developer passionate about simplicity and performance.

Gitly is the project I've been working on for a couple of months. It is an open source repository management platform with a focus on performance, ease of use, and productivity (especially for larger projects).

What makes gitly different from other solutions?


Every single page takes less than half a second to load, even if the project has millions of lines of code. Your daily operations like cloning repositories are orders of magnitude faster.

Gitly can run on the cheapest 256 MB instance, which should be enough for most users.

Ease of use

Gitly is the most intuitive product on the market. Self-hosting gitly is as simple as using the hosted service. Installation takes a couple of seconds. Gitly requires no maintenance, it has zero dependencies, you don't even need a database or a web server! You can run it next to your existing repositories, no import required.

Pull requests without forking

Gitly is the only service that allows contributing without forking repositories. The entire process is a lot simpler and more intuitive.

Quality and stability

Gitly was built with high quality standards. It is guaranteed to work the way you expect it too, and it can handle projects of any size.

Powerful project management

Gitly has Trello-like project management built in. It offers the same performance and simplicity. Your existing Trello boards can be imported.

Unique features

Gitly has a set of unique features that make working with your code base easier:

More unique features are being developed.


If you have questions or suggestions, you can contact me via the contact form or send me an email.